-2h coffee shop hang
-1h guided photoshoot

Basically this is a one on one workshop. Let's meet up at a coffee shop and we can go over whatever you are needing help with. Whether it's nailing down an editing style that suits your photography, streamlining your workflow, social media tips or making your business 'legit'. I am an open book and I would love to help you in your business. I know it can be super overwhelming when you are starting out and it feels like there are 1000 things to do and only one of you.

From there we will go out for a guided photoshoot. I will give you some posing tips and help you to feel comfortable with clients giving direction. We can also do the coffee shop portion post shoot so I can help with editing the photos.

Let me help you figure out what works for you and what is going to ensure your business success.

In person one-on-one sessions are only available in Vancouver, BC and Saskatoon, SK. Mileage can be added within 100km of those cities.




-1.5 h skype hang

For those of you who aren't located in Vancouver, BC or Saskatoon, SK, I'd still love to help you out in your business. We can go over whatever you are most needing help with. Here are some things we can cover: 

-Marketing/Social Media
-Client Interactions
-Website Critique
-When to go fulltime
-Booking your Ideal Clients