Hi, I'm Stacie.

I am a small town prairie girl born and raised. I grew up on a grain and cattle farm in south west Saskatchewan, Canada, and I am currently living in Vancouver, BC with my better half, Graham. I'll blame my small town roots on the fact that I can usually be found starting up conversations with perfect strangers on the bus or train trying to figure out what their occupation and pet's names are... yep.. I'm that person.

My chocolate lab, Cortez (pictured above), is my life. I have a knack for numbers and love math, so naturally I obtained an engineering degree after high school, later finding out that transient analysis of slope stability and water seepage analysis isn't really my thing. I fell into photography when my husband signed up for an introductory class and ended up being unable to attend. I attended the class in his place and the rest is history.

I spent 90% of my time growing up outdoors, it is my happy place and where I feel most creative and free. I love exploring new locations. My favourite subject to photograph is two people in love. Witnessing and being able to capture those intimate, real moments between two humans is one of the most beautiful things and I get to call it my job.